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Johnson Matthey:
A top name in silver bullion, and has been involved in the precious metals industry for nearly 200 years. The company primarily produces larger bars, but they recently put out a run of 1 oz logo bars which have been welcomed favorably by the physical market.
A highly respected name in the precious metals world, despite the fact that they haven’t actively produced bullion since the mid 1980s. There are numerous styles and forms of Engelhard bars out there, and most typically trade well above the spot price of silver.
Royal Canadian Mint (RCM):
The official mint of Canada, and produces silver bullion bars to compliment their Silver and Gold Maple Leaf coins. RCM most commonly produces pressed 100 oz silver bars, which are quite popular in the market.
NTR Metals:
NTR Metals, headquartered in Texas and with locations across the United States, is currently one of the major players in the domestic bullion industry. NTR produces several sizes of silver bars, including 10 oz, 1 kg, and 100 oz weights, and also offers yearly commemoratives like 2012′s Year of the Dragon bar.
Sunshine Minting:
A domestic producer of gold and silver bars and rounds. Located in Idaho, Sunshine specializes in bulk and custom minting, and their 1 oz and 10 oz silver bars are particularly popular in the bullion market.
One of the few silver bar producers who actually lets customers buy directly from them. SilverTowne puts out a wide variety of art bars, as well as their standard bullion/logo bars in 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, and 100 oz weights.
Generic Bars:
Many retailers will sell what they call “generic” or “secondhand” silver bars. These are bars which have no value other than the silver contained in the piece, and thus offer the investor an opportunity to purchase silver at an extremely low rate.

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